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Randy's Auto Sales 
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I was very pleased with the purchase of my Prius. I just finished paying it off and I couldn't be happier with the car or the service. 
Christy gave me great customer service. I had some issues due to a divorce after buying the car and she was very understanding of the situation and extremely helpful. She was always quick to respond to my calls and very accommodating. Great customer service. 
I would definitely purchase a car from Randy's again. Thank you for everything Christy!!

I bought a car from Randy' s auto sales in Ontario. I just got out of the army. I did not have enough money for a down payment on a vehicle.  Mike and Mark, the sales people,,  came out and  helped me within minutes of arriving on the lot.  I had already gone to other dealerships to purchase a car. I got nonsense from the other dealerships regarding the amount of my down payment and my credit history. 

I thanked Mark & Mike for supporting veterans and service men and women.  They took extra time out, and went the extra mile just for me after telling them about my struggles getting out the army and my credit problems.  A very nice lady by the name of Christine helped me with my payment plan, and answered all my questions. 

Thank you to everybody at Randy's Auto Sales, 

A grateful Customer 
Derry M
US Army 13th Bravo

Donald B

Purchased a very hard to find late model Thunderbird convertible. MAN!! It was love at first sight!! The car was immaculate, very well cared for. The dealership showed me the car fax, had their mechanic check it over before I left the lot and put gas in it for me. This was honestly the easiest car trade I have ever made in my 35 years of driving. I look forward to purchasing my next car (and the car after that) from them. I drove m T-Bird home with many "smiles to the miles" as I felt I was dreaming. I highly recommend this dealership, and have already done so with my family and friends. Excellent job!!

I am a Client since 2012 we purchase 4 cars and last December a 2015 VW as Allways got my moneys worth,service and financing highly RECOMENDED....



They are very trustworthy and they really help you out! I feel like the bad reviews have to be about the people who got their cars repoed for not paying! 
The service is amazing they are always wanting to help you out!! They take all kinds of credit and work with you! CHECK THIS PLACE OUT!! THANKKK YOUUUU

-Alison  G


I got myself into a nice BMW 328i with a great monthly payment. I just finished paying off the car and throughout the term I've had no problems with the car. Thanks to mike and Ace for putting me in the car of my dreams

-Daniel A 

I've been buying cars from Randy Auto Sales for 20 years now. They are the only dealer I will ever go to. I trust them and they treat me right. They stand by their cars and they work with you. They do not use Chinese parts like what the other reviewers are saying when they work on their car. They have good cars at good prices. Mike, Mark, Zee, Christy are the best. I read some of the negative reviews about Randy's Auto Sales and I must say I'm surprised of what these people think of Randy's Auto Sales because I have never experienced any of that. And for those people who are crying about their cars being repossessed. Well If you make your payments your car will not be repossessed. And for those that are crying about the interest rate you know exactly how much you're paying in interest rates when you sign the contract and when you're told. So if you don't like the price nor the interest rates then don't sign the freakin contract! If you don't like their prices or their interest rate shop for a car somewhere else. Nobody is holding a gun to your head! GET OVER IT!!!!! Oh and before I forget they do not treat you by the color of your skin. And on one of the reviews she states her down payment did not go towards the price of the car it went into their pockets so not true read your contract! So you people with negative reviews grow up and stop crying and read what you sign before you buy! My name is Leo Guzman

Hi my name is Wayde and I bought a Mercedes from Randy's Auto. I shopped around for a Mercedes that I wanted.  I had gone to several places and accidently ran into this place.  I test drove a Mercedes and ended up going back the next day to purchase this car from Randy's Auto.  It runs wonderful and my wife likes it too, which is a plus! I like the fact that they have their own in house financing available.

Thank you,



Great deal on great cars. They offered me a good % rate and send me on my way. So far so good. Love my car.

I give Randy's Auto Sales 5 stars. They had the perfect car I wanted for the perfect price and helped me even though I have bad credit. Thank you Randy's I will definitely be back

  • Hacienda Heights, 

Not sure why they have so many one stars, I have been buying cars from Mike since 2001 and have always been happy with the service and cars I bought, I have built my credit over the years with them and could easily buy from a big dealership, But why they report my credit history and always give me a good deal, I am on my sixth car from them and couldn't be happier. They are very understanding about peoples past credit issues and try to work with everyone.

I went into this dealership because I was referred by a good friend.  At first i thought because they were a small car lot they were going to be expensive and up the price on me.  I also checked out their reviews on Yelp and noticed they had alot of bad reviews , but also noticed those reviews were last years reviews and then I clicked on other reviews and noticed they were all positive and recent. Sometimes I think Yelp puts the bad reviews first, so u have to keep on searching to get the positive ones.  I have to say I am very pleased with the service I received.  I also purchased a Mustang that my husband likes.  LOL!  Thanks again for the great Service Mike.


My name is Wayde and I bought a Mercedes from Randy's Auto. I shopped around for a Mercedes that I wanted.  I had gone to several places and accidently ran into this place.  I test drove a Mercedes and ended up going back the next day to purchase this car from Randy's Auto.  It runs wonderful and my wife likes it too, which is a plus! I like the fact that they have their own in house financing available.

Thank you,

Randy's Auto Is the best place to go for a car if you have bad credit and a job they will work with you. It's a buy here pay here they do their own financing. They have very nice cars & no lemons. I bought my Honda from there and I never had any problems with it & I would recommend them to anyone looking for a good car

My experience with Randy's auto sales has been wonderful. I just bought a 2012 Ford Focus and this is my second vehicle purchase with the help of Zee. It was such a great deal and a hassle-free buying experience. Everyone is so friendly and accommodating  and I never feel pressured by the salesman to buy, unlike other car dealerships. They have helped me build my credit, thank you Randy's!

My first time at Randy's Auto Sales was a great experience! I have never been to a dealership where they are eagerly wanting to help me with great deals and excellent customer service. Mike is an extremely friendly guy and was able to negotiate prices for me at a reasonable price. He was also able to improve my credit and I got my white 328i BMW with low mileage and in great condition. I drove out of the parking lot beyond satisfied and I will definitely be here again for my next car and my children's cars.

I bought my second car today and I am very happy with my experience. Mark always tries to work with me and I appreciate that they care about their customers. They are always willing to work with you, and make sure you get the car you want. I will always come here to buy my cars. Thanks Randy's Auto Sales.

I just bought a 2012 Mercedes Benz from this dealership and i am in love with it! my family friends recommended I come to this place, for they have been loyal customers for many years...my car runs great and the service was very helpful. Randys Auto Sales may look like an old run down shop and they could make some improvements but they make you feel at home 

I was referred to Randys auto. At first I was kind of scared because of all the bad reviews I have seen about this place. But since my cousin has had such a good experience I came and looked any way. I didn't have the whole amount that they were requesting down so I gave a deposit and they  held the car for me 2 weeks and I came in with the rest of the down payment and the required doc's and was able to get finance in house. They have a good variety of vehicles and the prices range is very wide. I hope that the next 48 months goes just as smooth as the purchase. I'll repost in a couple of months.  God willing it will be good news

I have bought five cars from them and have never had an issue as long as I did as promised and paid my monthly payments. I agree there prices are bit high but that's what you get when your credit rating isn't the best. I'm improving my rating car by car and can't thank them enough for putting their trust in me. They have helped me build my business from day one and providing company work vehicles for my employees. If I was going to have an issue with payment all I had to do was call and let them know to delay for a few days and they worked with me. You must see there side also and if you talk to them they may tell some of the horror story's of selling cars to customers and never recouping because they were driving out of the states. I as a customer, am sorry to read some of the reviews and have to say to each their own. Thanks for the help Randys



This is the place to get finance

I was turned down from any dealer I go to because of some credit issues. When I contacted Randy's Auto sales, one of the sales person advise me to visit the dealer ship and invited me to test drive one of my dream car. In less than 2 hours I was on the road enjoying my 2007 Mercedes S550, Thanks you Guys all. Thanks for Mr Zee the finance manager for getting my approval. Thanks for all the friendly staff that treats me in excellent manner.

"Wow. I recently purchased a slightly used 2008 328i and when I say slightly it only had 14,000 miles on it. Virtually a new car.
My last two cars were Lexus ES-300s which I cannot say enough good things about - but the 328i is a totally different driving experience and precisely what I expected. My Lexus ES is the Queen Mary II and the 328i is a Fighter Jet. That's the only way to describe the difference.
Flawless handling and performance. Technologically it's very advanced it has so many features one of my favorite of which are the hands-free stereo/CD/iPod and Bluetooth and Voice activated Telephone features all controlled effortlessly from the steering wheel. (Superb!)

Note on Reliability - I have only had the vehicle for a few weeks so I am basing it on having no problems thus far and while I don't expect it to be as mechanically care-free (where Lexus excels) it appears this model is very reliable with proper maintenance.

The interior is a tad smaller than my ES but not uncomfortably so. I am a 6 ft. 220 lb man and am quite comfortable in it. Because I live in Texas I'd rather have automatic chilled seats but I have to be honest and say the heated seats in this car are incredible. The entire seat is heated both the butt cushions and the back rest. It's a real treat that I've used a lot lately since it's Winter at the moment.

The only complaint and I have, and I mean the ONLY one is the ride isn't quite as smooth as the Lexus, but I didn't expect it to be and once I replace the original run-flat tires I've been told the ride improves - important since Texas roads are not known for their "quality."

Overall - it's an amazing car !"

Thomas Dean


at only seventeen years old i was very v


at only seventeen years old i was very very pleased with my car that i bought at randys auto sales. I had a low downpayment and mike was very nice and helping. My car runs great and i now recommend randys to all my family and friends. Wonderful customer service and such friendly employees. I had a great experience buying my ca from randys auto sales!

My daughter bought a car from Randy's four years ago and just paid it off and bought another one last night. We ABSOLUTELY LOVE them especially the customer service rep. Christie!! She and the rest of the staff have been wonderful to us throughout these four years and we will continue to purchase cars from them!!! Check out there website!

Easy Car Purchase

I loved buying my first car. It was easy, the customer service was great and I am in love with my Mercedes. I recommend this place to everyone.